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If you don’t already know how to subscribe to a podcast* then here’s how. (If you do already know how you might as well stop reading, there’s nothing much here for you).

The best way is to visit the site (or this page) from your mobile. You probably already have a podcast app on your phone (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify are some popular ones). Click on the appropriate link from your phone, and that app will open and let you subscribe. Then every time we release a gripping podcast episode, perhaps about theatre tax returns, you’ll get a notification and you can listen on your phone.

This means you can hear us talk about theatre tax returns as you’re out walking the dog, or settle down to some DIY while we take an in-depth look at the 2008 Fringe Blurb Writing Apostrophe Scandal and how it’s affect’s are still felt today.

Alternatively, you can just listen to each episode on our website. But you’ll have to check back regularly and/or pay close attention to our facebook or twitter to see when they come out. We don’t want you missing one again**.

Here are the links:

*Yes I’m talking to you mum (you know which mum you are)
**Again, you know which mum you are

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