Well we were hoping to bring you a sensible episode this week, but Michael got absorbed in his book (metaphorically). Then we all got absorbed into it (literally), and transported back to 1814, where there was this whole thing with the Bonnet sisters in Middle-Bridge-a-Marchington needing to urgently find three husbands.

Turns out manufacturing love is harder than it seems in the books.

With special guests Beatie Edney and Alfred Enoch.

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Full Credits

Beatie Edney as Mrs Bonnet
Alfred Enoch as Mr Dayton


Joanna Bending as Eleanor
Mariam Bell as Lucy
Ashlea Kaye
as Anna
Daniel Millar as Mr Whylie
Greg Snowden as Mr Shearcliff


Paul Dodds as The Narrator
Siubhan Harrison as The Author

All other roles were played by Three’s Company

Edit & sound design by Yaz Al-Shaater
Mixed by Chris Sharland

Cover artwork by Mariam Bell at VS Designs

Supported by Brother Brother.

Written, created and performed by Three’s Company:
Yaz Al-Shaater, Tom Crawshaw, and Michael Grady Hall


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Main Title Theme:
Achilles by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Full music listings coming soon.


Transcript coming soon.

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