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JUST RELEASED: Season 2 Episode 4 – THE LEGEND OF SMARTICUS. Listen Now!

Welcome to the Three’s Company podcast, a very serious and sensible podcast taking an honest look at a life in the theatre, which has absolutely nothing to do with us going on adventures in a different genre every episode.

Please ignore those bits.

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Latest: SEASON 2 EPISODE 4 - listen now

Welcome to the podcast!

You have found Three’s Company’s podcast – an honest look at a life in the theatre. Interviews, dramaturgical discussions, line-by-line budget reviews: we hope to have some of those. Admittedly most of the episodes in this first series were interrupted by adventures** (and in a different genre each episode for some reason) but we don’t think it gets in the way too much.

Guests on the podcast include Mina Anwar, Paul Chahidi, Peter De Jersey, Les Dennis, Beatie Edney, Alfred Enoch, William Gaminara, Alexandra Gilbreath, Leah Harvey, Rufus Hound, Youssef Kerkour, Jodie McNee, Siobhan Redmond, Jemima Rooper, Rob Rouse, Jonathan Slinger, Caroline Quentin, and many more.

**A note about The Adventure Department

Like many small UK Fringe theatre companies, Three’s Company also has an ‘Adventure Department’.

If you’re in trouble, if you need a daring trio to go on an adventure (any genre) – and if you can cover insurance costs and all (reasonable) expenses – then we are the small UK Fringe theatre company for you. Think goblin armies, drawing-room mysteries, shape-shifting aliens, film-noir crime bosses and zombie apocalypses – then stop thinking and send an email to


Who we are

Three’s Company is a theatre company set up by Yaz Al-Shaater, Tom Crawshaw, and Michael Grady-Hall, when they were about 13.

Now, a couple of decades on, they are grown up enough to write about themselves in the third person. The theatre company may not yet reached dizzying success, but they still insist on working together whatever the cost.

The result is this very serious podcast.

They hope it is useful to some people.


Show Hosts

These are the faces of the people who’ll be giving you an honest insight into a life in the theatre. Just so it’s a bit easier for you to imagine.

Yaz Al-Shaater

Tom Crawshaw

Michael Grady-Hall