In this episode we talk about fundraising and tax breaks. (We also take an unexpected trip to a magical island to overthrow and evil witch). This week’s guests is the legendary Les Dennis.

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Artwork by Rosina Al-Shaater

Full Credits

Les Dennis as Phoo Tu Tu
Mariam Bell as Galadralocks
Joanna Bending as Havisclod
Jade Croot at Flora
Siubhan Harrison as The Wicked Witch
Michael’s Mum as herself

Narrated by Paul Dodds

All other roles were played by Three’s Company.

Edit by Yaz Al-Shaater
Sound design by Yaz Al-Shaater with Chris Sharland
Sound mix and mastering by Tom Griffiths

Special thanks to James Percival, Hamish Nicholls, Tom Griffiths and Kennington Studios.
Supported by Brother Brother film.

Music Listings

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Main Title Theme:
Achilles by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The Light By Ian Post (artlist.io)

A Fallen City by Kyle Preston (artlist.io)

The Attack by Martin Puehringer (artlist.io)

Glory Faded by Zac Nelson (artlist.io)

Dinosauria Extinction and Finale by Francesco D’Andrea (artlist.io)

Turkish Spirit by Alon Ohana (artlist.io)

Nowadays by Teo Laza (artlist.io)

Kingdom Come by Theevs (artlist.io)

The Morning After by Neon Ridge (artlist.io)

Grey by Kyle Preston (artlist.io)

When the Sun Rises by Mikki Aglaganov (artlist.io)

Place of Pathos by Marco Martini(artlist.io)

Heroism by Cody Martin (artlist.io)

Save Us All by Kevin Graham (artlist.io)

Boundary by Kevin Graham (artlist.io)


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