In episode 2, we have a chat about mentors, and Tom learns why you should never meet your heroes. (We also take a trip into space to save the galaxy from an oil-guzzling shape-shifting aliens). Special guest this week is Rufus Hound.

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Three's Company Adventure Department Episode 2: Attack Of The Clutchons Poster (by Michael Grady-Hall)
Artwork by Michael Grady-Hall

Full Credits

Rufus Hound as Ran Soslow
Daniel Millar as Dr Roger Smith and Schulbacher
Ashlea Kaye as Captain Ripper
Rosie Jones as SAL
Mariam Bell as Bertha and Posh Woman
Joanna Bending as Euston Announcer
The Queen as herself

Narrated by Paul Dodds.

All other roles were played by Three’s Company.

Edit by Yaz Al-Shaater
Sound design by Yaz Al-Shaater with Tom Griffiths
Sound mix and mastering by Tom Griffiths

Special thanks to Hamish Nicholls, Alan Fielden, Jeremey Dunn,
Claire Birch and the RSC. Supported by Brother Brother film.

Music Listings

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Main Title Theme:
Achilles by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Attack on London by Cody Martin (artlist.io)

Borrowed Time by Kevin Graham (artlist.io)

A New Kingdom by Kevin Graham (artlist.io)

Difficulties by Kyle Preston (artlist.io)

Merry Death by Neon Ridge (artlist.io)

Witness by Oliver Michael (artlist.io)

Eyes On The King by Nameless Servant (artlist.io)

Sweeter Vermouth by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Scourge by Cody Martin (artlist.io)

Was It All A Dream by Jimmy Svensson (artlist.io)

The Imperial Ark by Francesco Dandrea (artlist.io)

A Cold Dead Wind by Kyle Preston (artlist.io)

Last Planet by Roman P (artlist.io)

Futuristic War by Ian Post (artlist.io)

At War by Francesco Dandrea (artlist.io)

Home by Oliver Michael (artlist.io)

Song Of The Butterflies by Patrick Ussher (artlist.io)

Misery by Martin Puehringer (artlist.io)

Boundary by Kevin Graham (artlist.io)


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