About Us

We Are Three's Company


Ever since we first built a fort in the woods behind Michael’s garden, and fought off imaginary sharks while solving the murders of retired robot kangaroo assassins, we’ve known that we were meant for one thing: to make stories together. 

Now, twenty-something years later, we’re all grown up, and our theatre company is a resounding fair-to-middling success, we decided to come back together to share our wisdom in a very serious and grown-up way in this podcast.


PLEASE NOTE: As you’re probably aware, like many theatre companies, we also have an Adventure Department. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it means people come to us when they need adventure-help, for example to overthrow a wicked witch or solve a murder or fight some aliens for galaxy-wide renewable energy. However this podcast is not meant to be about that so please ignore any bits where we get interupted by adventures.


Thank you very much.


Yaz Al-Shaater

Yaz is a director and film-maker and is Three’s Company’s weapons guy. Also good at thinking up mad ideas.

Tom Crawshaw

Tom is a writer and comedian and cynic and also takes care of Three’s Company’s admin and worrying where necessary.

Michael Grady Hall

Michael is an actor and moral compass and self-appointed leader of our Adventure Department. He’s very good at soliloquising.